NYC considers new safety measures for bikers

In light of the growing number of cyclist deaths in New York City so far this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio says that new ideas to improve safety should be considered including requiring cyclists to be registered and licensed and mandating that Citi Bike riders wear helmets.

“I think all of these proposals are fair, and we should look at them,” De Blasio said.

While Citi Bike says it encourages riders to wear helmets, a Citi Bike spokesperson said in a statement: “There is extensive evidence that what keeps cyclists safe are protected bike lanes, enforcement against dangerous driver behavior and more people riding bikes, not mandatory helmet laws.”

“Forcing people to have licenses, forcing them to have helmets it actually takes them off of the street and it makes our cities less safe for bicyclists and pedestrians,” said Danny Harris of Transportation Alternatives, a cycling advocacy organization.

In response to the proposal, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson tweeted that “We need to be encouraging cycling, not creating obstacles.”