NYC comedians behind ‘Crazy Rudy’ subway ads

At one point, he may have been “America’s Mayor,” but recently on the New York City Subway, Rudy Giuliani became “Crazy Rudy.”

Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig make up the comedy duo “The Good Liars,” and are the pranksters behind the fake ads for Rudy Giuliani’s legal services on a smattering of A, 6 and 4 trains Tuesday afternoon. The ads state “Need a Lawyer? Call Crazy Rudy!” and say that Giuliani can help with “back-channel deals” and that he “has NO SHAME!”

“Would a sober person agree to do all these foreign dealings that might be really illegal and do it all for free?” Selvig said.

The pair say they created and hung the ads in the subway, along with building the website and recording the voicemail message that can be heard when the number on the ads is called.

The duo says they hope the ads let Giuliani know how they believe the nation now thinks of him. 

“It really shows you how far the mayor’s standing has fallen in this city,” Selvig said.

In a statement to FOX 5 NY, an MTA spokesman said of the ads “When unauthorized materials deface the subway system, they are routinely removed.”

Rudy Giuliani did not respond to FOX 5 NY’s request for comment.