NYC children and teens learn analog photography

The International Center of Photography, or ICP, began collaborating with THE POINT, a community center in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx more than 20 years ago.

THE POINT executive managing director Daney Peralta called it the Super Bowl of photography.

In a snapshot, the night is a celebration of art and finding a voice. Each day, preteen and teen students learn photography and darkroom skills. But along their journey, they also learn about themselves.

Student Nailea Dominguez said the program has allowed her to express herself as an artist.

Peralta said the program teaches the kids a lot of skills, including how to tell a story from within.

Since the ICP program began, more than 2,000 students have learned the art of visual storytelling. Peralta was one of those students 16 years ago.

Wednesday night, Peralta's work hung alongside his peers as part of the exhibition Vantage Point 24: Celebrating 20 Years. The featured work comes from both alumni of the program and current students, with close to 50 photographs on display.

The ICP at THE POINT program is free for every student. And anyone can come check things out or get involved. You don't need to be from this Bronx community. All you need is the passion for art and the commitment to learning.