NYC carjacking leaves man in coma, as police search for a third suspect

A Queens man remains in critical condition, days after he tried to stop a group of thieves from stealing his car.

On Monday, February 21, Taurée Thompson, 28, left his Lexus running at a Taco Bell in Richmond Hill, according to police. 

Thompson was inside the store when the group approached the vehicle and got inside.

Thompson then ran out of the Taco Bell, tried to open the doors, and then jumped onto the roof of his vehicle.

Surveillance video shows the thieves speeding down the street with Thompson clinging to the roof rack.

At some point the driver loses control of the vehicle and hits a fire hydrant, flipping the car on its side. 

Thompson flew off the vehicle and hit the ground, and the thieves climbed out and took off.

When police arrived Thompson was unconscious with severe trauma to the body, according to officials. 

As of Thursday, two 15-year-old boys have been charged, while police are still searching for a third suspect. 

The family has set up a gofundme page on behalf of Taurée Thompson.