NYC: Buying guns for teachers with federal money is 'ridiculous'

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is seriously considering using federal money let states buy guns for teachers, according to reports. But the heads of New York City's schools and the teachers union are both slamming that concept.

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza unloaded on the idea of arming school teachers, calling it one of the "most misguided" and "ridiculous" proposals he has ever heard.

The president of the union that represents New York City teachers also weighed in.

"Stupidity knows no bounds," UFT president Michael Mulgrew said. "Teachers need resources, not weapons."

During DeVos's confirmation hearing last year, Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut was stunned by DeVos's answer in light of school massacres like Sandy Hook Elementary School. She said that states and locales should decide whether to arm educators.

On Thursday, Murphy introduced an emergency amendment to try to block DeVos from using federal dollars for guns.

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill has said that arming teachers is not a good idea. He said that would create issues with safeguarding the weapons as well as proper training.