This NYC borough ranks third for smallest average apartment size: study

New York City may be known as the "Big Apple", but isn't known for large living spaces.

According to a real estate site RentCafe report, Queens came in third place in the top 20 cities with the smallest size of new apartments. 

Brooklyn ranked fourth and Manhattan came in sixth place.

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Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon came in first and second place on RentCafe's ranking.

How small are apartments in Queens?

Low angle view of apartment fire escape, Queens, New York. (Photo by: Lindsey Nicholson/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Queens has the smallest new apartment size on average of all the NYC boroughs, RentCafe's report found.

New apartments in Queens average 692 square feet, slightly smaller than Brooklyn's average of 712 square feet.

However, Queens saw a more significant decrease of 32 square feet compared to the historical average square footage of rentals, RentCafe said.


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How small are apartments in Manhattan?

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Close behind Queens and Brooklyn is Manhattan, where the average new apartment measures 737 square feet. 

This represents a 2.2% increase from a decade ago, adding 16 square feet, according to RentCafe

Did New Jersey make the list?

Aerial view of Newark, New Jersey with New York City in background. (Photo by: Visions of America/Joseph Sohm/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Yes, two cities in New Jersey also made the list: Jersey City, with new apartments averaging 788 square feet, ranked 15th, while Newark came in 20th. 

Newark, the Garden State's largest city, saw a significant increase in the average new apartment size since 2014, adding 113 square feet, a rise of more than 16%, RentCafe said.