NYC animal shelters say inflation, economy causing major spike in surrendered pets

Animal Care Centers of New York City's three shelters are seeing an increase in people surrendering their animals and are blaming inflation for the change.

"The number one issue for both dogs and cats is housing. Either they're going into housing that doesn't allow for pets or they're moving because of financial restraints, you know, the rising inflation affects everything. It affects the cost of food, the cost of services," said Katy Hansen, Director of Marketing at NYC ACC.

According to Hansen, these are not pandemic pets who were adopted during the pandemic and now returned, these are pets who have been with families for years. 

"There were stories going around that it was pandemic pets, people adopted during the pandemic, and they went back to work and now they're returning their animals, but that's actually not what's happening," she said.

The number of dog and cat moms and dads surrendering their furry babies is up 25% compared to the same time last year, and that's not the only problem shelters are facing. People are not adopting either which is causing the shelters to be overcrowded. 

Hansen says shelters are at a breaking point. 

"So last year around this time, say, between January and May, we had we took in about 5500 animals and this year we took in 6800," Hansen told FOX 5 NY.

Animal Care Centers has resources available to help families who are struggling. So far this year 6,000 people have inquired about the services. ACC has a pet food pantry, where folks can order food online and get delivered to them directly. They also have grants that they can give for medical cases, and even work with local veterinarians.  

Meanwhile, there are ways you can help the shelter, you can adopt a furry friend, or even foster one. For more ways to help head over to their website