NYC Airbnb hosts fight back against new rules with lawsuit

Airbnb host Rupi Aurora rents out rooms in her forest hills home to make ends meet. 

She's part of a group of Airbnb hosts now suing the city. 

They object to new short-term rental regulations passed by City Council. 

Sarah Brezavar an Airbnb host said, "This hosting allows us to stay in our house." 

Gia Brosce also an Airbnb host said, "My husband Paul and I are professional musicians sharing our home provides us the necessary income to supplemental  income to survive in a city that's no longer affordable for artists like us." 

Attorney Debbie Greenberger represents the Airbnb hosts. 

She says the city's new rules are complex and unfairly target law-abiding homeowners instead of illegal Airbnb operators.  

Under the law aimed at cracking down on illegal short-term rentals hosts have to register with the city and be in the home if a rental is less than a month long. 

A City Hall spokesperson responding to the lawsuit said, "The short-term rental registration law was duly adopted by the city council, and OSE implemented rules pursuant to the law. We have consistently worked with hosts and platforms to ensure they were aware of their requirements under the law. We will review the lawsuit." 

The Airbnb hosts are asking the court to prevent the city from enforcing these rules until the lawsuit has been resolved. 

They say a ruling in their favor would allow them to continue living in the homes they own in New York City. 

The city is supposed to start enforcing new rules when it comes to Airbnb’s in July.