Library receives overdue book, 90 years later: Here's the late fee

Larchmont Public Library received a very peculiar package in the mail-- an overdue library book. 

A 90-year overdue library book. 

The library located in Westchester County said the package came from Virginia.

In it was the 1925 novel, "Youth and Two Other Stories," by Joseph Conrad.

In the front cover pocket was a borrowing card filled with names, card numbers and dates. Dates that read as old as March, 25, 1930.

According to the library, a woman discovered the lost book in her step-father's belongings. 

The library decided to have some fun posting on their Facebook: Now, I know what you are all thinking; I wonder how much that would be in overdue fees?"

At twenty cents a day, the patron who borrowed the book would owe over $6,400--well not quite.

The library explained that the policy is that after 30 days overdue the person would owe the price of the book. 

It's been nearly 32,874 days.

They also noted that if and when the overdue book is returned, the fine then goes back to $5.

So after nearly 90 years, the fine owed would only be $5.