NY gas rebate checks proposed

Some sort of relief at the gas pump remains possible in New York.  One plan would even have NY gas rebate checks sent to every vehicle owner in the state.

Sen. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, a Democrat who represents parts of Rockland and Westchester, proposed the $250 gas rebate check legislation.

"With gas prices hitting record highs almost every week, it’s crucial that New York State takes whatever action we can to help people who are getting squeezed at the pump," Senator Reichlin-Melnick stated in a news release. "While the state can’t control the international factors that are contributing to rising oil prices, there are steps we can take to provide some relief."

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He also wants to suspend the state’s gas sales tax.  The NY State Senate has included the suspension of the gas tax from May through December in its budget proposal.

The NY State Assembly has its own plan that would suspend the NY gas tax for the rest of the year.

Gov. Kathy Hochul, who is running for election this year, has said that a potential gas tax reduction plan is on the table.

New York has a 17.3 cent petroleum business tax and an 8 cent fuel tax. There is also an 8 cent a gallon state sales tax.

Lawmakers hope to save consumers $648 million with the gas tax suspension.

The state is required to pass a budget by April 1.