NY cop accused of accepting sex to protect trafficking ring

Six people, including a New York police officer, are accused of being involved in a sex trafficking ring involving children.

A 14-count indictment was unsealed Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn.

Luz Elvira Cardona, Roberto Cesar Cid Dominguez, Cristian Noe Godinez, Blanca Hernandez Morales, Jose Facundo Zarate Morales and Wayne Peiffer, a Village of Brewster police officer, are charged with conspiracy to transport minors, sex trafficking, extortion, prostitution, and other counts.

Cardona, Cid Dominguez, Hernandez Morales and Zarate Morales were arrested Tuesday in Queens. Peiffer was arrested in Highland, New York.  Godinez is currently a fugitive.

They allegedly lured young women and girls from Mexico to travel to the U.S. based on false promises of a better life and forced them into prostitution across New York once they arrived.

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The police officer allegedly protected the operation in exchange for free sexual services.

The charges relate to the operation of two alleged sex trafficking and prostitution organizations – the Cid-Hernandez Sex Trafficking Organization and the Godinez Prostitution Business – and the alleged years-long bribery of Officer Peiffer.

Federal prosecutors claim that the Godinez Prostitution Business transported victims from Queens to various areas, including Brewster, to engage in prostitution.

They claim that Officer Peiffer had been aware of the operation for years and had the organization deliver women to him in different places, including the Brewster Police Station, so that he could have sex with them as payment for protecting them.