NY alumni honor Florida school massacre victims

The alumni of the Florida high school that was the scene of a horrific massacre are educated, motivated, and determined to make a difference. They say they just can't sit on the sidelines anymore and will do everything in their power to create change.

Alumni of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who now live in New York organized a meeting in Manhattan Monday evening to honor the 17 victims of the shooting. They are mobilizing to support the students in Florida.

Alumna Molly Bailin said she is so inspired by the students and is proud to be part of the Parkland community.

Alumna Claire McCue said about 400 Marjory Stoneman Douglas alumni live in the New York area. She said they have all brought their skills and expertise to the cause.

Alumna Rachel Baron said the alumni are signing up for marches, donating money, and more.

They are writing thank-you notes to first responders in Parkland, selling T-shirts and wrist bands to benefit the victims' families, and joining forces with Moms Demand Action, a nonprofit started after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre to push for commonsense gun laws.

Alumna Amy Goffin said she wants her kids to be safe in school and that the country needs to reevaluate its gun laws.