North Korea fails missile launch, Pence set to meet regional allies

North Korea made a failed attempt to launch a missile as tensions rise between the United States and the Communist nation.

The missile blew up almost immediately after launching.

It's still unclear what kind of missile it was, but it's important to note that the world feared North Korea would instead have its 6th nuclear test today.

The failed launch came hours before Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to land in South Korea.

It also comes one day after the Communist country flaunted its new ballistic missiles at a national holiday parade.

The world has its eyes on North Korea.

Kim Jong Un flexed his muscles Saturday and rolled out what appeared to be two new intercontinental ballistic missiles during the 105th Founder’s Day parade.

No nuke test marked the holiday as feared, but the country did attempt to launch a missile from its eastern coast the following day.

North Korean officials also left a stark message for President Trump during the parade,

"If the United States recklessly provokes us, our revolutionary power will strike the enemies to annihilate them. We will take all the actions we have, regardless of whether the U.S. provokes us with full-scale war or nuclear war."

President Trump has yet to make a public statement about the launch failure.

Tensions are at an all-time high between POTUS and Pyongyang following Trump's missile strike in Syria.

The U.S. also redirected the Carl Vinson carrier battle group toward the Korean peninsula which is capable of shooting down missiles.

Seeing as China is North Korea’s only major ally, speculation has swirled over China's job in mediating U.S. and North Korean tensions.

Some have said Trump's aggressive military action is delaying a nuclear test.

"I think that what happened is that the Chinese were stunned. They lost whatever confidence they had that they would be able to control Trump, and they think they probably couldn’t figure him out anymore. I think what the Chinese did is work with the North Korea to make sure there were no provocations on day of the sun, and that's exactly what happened."

Meantime, Vice President Mike Pence will be meeting with regional allies – Japan, Australia, and Indonesia.

At the top of the agenda will be addressing and reassuring allies over recent concerns on the Korean peninsula.

Another missile test from North Korea failed earlier this month when the rocket spun out of control and plunged into the ocean.

Despite these failures, the north's previous claim to have used "standardized" warheads has led to worries that it was making headway in its push to develop small and sophisticated warheads to be topped on long range missiles.