No L trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan this weekend

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This weekend, commuters get a feel on what to expect in 2019 when the L train shuts down.

From 11:30 p.m. Friday until 5 a.m. Monday, L trains are suspended between Broadway Junction in Brooklyn and 8thAvenue in Manhattan.

There will be L trains will operate between Broadway Junction and Rockaway Pkwy.

Shuttle buses are available for commuters as well as alternate routes, according to

Alternate service includes taking the (J) or (M) trains of M14 buses between 1st and 8th Avenue in Manhattan.

In Brooklyn, shuttle buses run between:

-          Broadway Junction and Myrtle Avenue- Wyckoff Avenue

-          Myrtle Avenue-Wyckoff Avenue and Lorimer Street-Metropolitan Avenue G train

-          Lorimer Street-Metropolitan Avenue (G) and Marcy Avenue (J/M)

According to Metro.US, the weekend shutdown gives commuters a taste of what’s to come when major suspension begins in April 2019, when the Canarsie Tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn will be closed for water damage repairs until July 2020.