'No Kids in Cages' art installations pop up around NYC

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The '#NoKidsInCages' art installation was erected at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. Photo credit: John Castrillon.

Small mannequin children crying inside cages with signs that read '#NoKidsInCages' popped up around New York City on Wednesday.

The "children" are wrapped in blankets. 

Video and a photo shared online by Twitter user John Castrillon shows one of the art installations in McCarren Park in Brooklyn.

The installations were reportedly seen outside dozens of media outlets, universities and parks.

The cages appear to be a reference to the crisis at the U.S.- Mexico border and the separation of children from their parents.

The non-profit Raises Texas, which provides legal assistance to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees, is behind the installations.

"Help the 3,000+ children who’ve been separated from their parents at the border and support @raicestexas. Look out for the installations around NYC. Sharing is an act of protest. #NoKidsInCages #PassHR541 https://nokidsincages.com "