No Cheesecake, please! TikTok reveals the first date spots to avoid

As with most trends these days, it all started with a TikTok

It was this couple’s first date, and it appears that the woman this guy was taking out wasn’t up for any cheesecake.

The video has since ignited a firestorm online with ladies and gentlemen weighing in on where not to take them on their first date.

"Where would you take your girl on a first date?" FOX 5 NY's Richard Giacovas asked.

"Whatever she likes," a man said.

The video led some women to make a list of where they refused to go on a first date. 

Cheesecake Factory, Chilli’s, Chipotle, and Olive Garden top the list as well as Applebees.

It's not just restaurants on the list. Going to the movies, the gym, and Starbucks are also no no's.

"A lot of women have had a lot of not-so-great dates. And so they're trying to protect themselves. But I just think that this is not the way to do it. And it also comes out very entitled. Right. And that is going to be a turnoff for a lot of the men," said dating coach Anwar White.