NJ Transit service resumes after suspension at Penn Station due to train derailment

NJ Transit service has resumed after being suspended at Penn Station and is subject up to 60-minute delays due to a minor slow-speed derailment.

Direct service was being diverted to Hoboken Tuesday morning.

NJ Transit says The Northeast Corridor 3926 train coming from Princeton Junction was expected to arrive at Penn Station just before 9 a.m. 

After a sudden jerk, passengers said they were stuck for an hour on board. 

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It lasted for more than two hours and resuming just before 11:30am.

NJ Transit says the train was upright, so there are no injuries. About 1,500 customers and crew were on board at the time.

FOX 5 NY's Richard Giacovas spoke with passengers who were on board that derailed train car. They said it shook them up, but that they were just thankful to get off.

"We heard a little bang and a screeching sound – suddenly the train got stopped – it was not at a high speed. And then they announced that the first car got derailed," NJ transit passenger Ajay Upadhyay said.

"Most of us tried to remain calm but many of the people that were standing were starting to get very uncomfortable. The air and the lights were going on and off. The conductors kept telling us to keep moving back but yet there was no room. There was a little panic. There was a person I had to give my seat up to who had a panic attack and started crying and there was a gentleman who had to go to the bathroom terribly, and he kept saying this is an emergency. So the communication could have been better," NJ transit passenger Joan Szurkus said.

Tickets and passes for NJ Transit are being cross-honored by PATH at Newark Penn Station, Hoboken, and 33rd St-NY and NJ TRANSIT bus and private carriers.

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