NJ Transit seating time limit targeting the homeless?

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A pilot program at New Jersey Transit stations is designed to make waiting for your train more comfortable, but are homeless people paying the price? A sign at Newark Penn Station says "Seating for ticketed customers only. 2 hour time limit." But how can you really tell? It's just one station that's part of a multi-station trial to deal with overcrowding and discourage loitering. It's also in effect at the Hoboken Terminal.

An NJ Transit spokesperson told Fox 5: "The intent of the seating policy is to ensure that our ticketed customers have access to seating while waiting for their travel."

The Hoboken Terminal wasn't very busy in the middle of the afternoon. There were plenty of empty seats, but some people who told us the homeless weren't taking any chances and were standing up.

Everyone Fox 5 spoke with says Hoboken feels safer and more rider-friendly, but not everyone's on board with the new seating policy. Some are worried with the cold weather, homeless people will have one less place to warm up.

The NJ Transit spokesperson also told us the agency is trying to strike a balance between convenience for riders and compassion for those struggling with challenging circumstances.