NJ teen arrested again for accessing top of building

Authorities say a young daredevil who climbed the World Trade Center's centerpiece tower in 2014 has been arrested on top of another Manhattan high-rise.

Police say Justin Casquejo, 19, of Weehawken, New Jersey, was arrested Thursday night at the Paramount Tower apartment building on East 39th Street.

Casquejo was accused of accessing the roof without permission and hanging off a ledge. He was awaiting a court appearance Friday.

Casquejo also was arrested in December after videos posted on social media showed him dangling from buildings and scaffolding near Central Park.

His attorney, Jeremy Saland, says they look forward to addressing the charges in court after reviewing the allegations.

The incident at the World Trade Center raised serious questions about security in the area where the Twin Towers came crashing down during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The guard assigned to protect the top of 1 WTC was asleep, according to a PANYNJ official. A construction worker spotted the boy on his way down and alerted police.