NJ measure would require anti-drunk driving devices on self-driving cars

A proposal before New Jersey lawmakers would require that any self-driving, or autonomous,  car sold in the state be required to have a device installed to prove the driver is sober.

Middlesex Democrat Nancy Pinkin is behind the Assembly bill.  It would require that all self-driving cars have an ignition interlock device.  The device only permits a motor vehicle to be started when the driver blows into a device to prove he or she is sober.

The devices are often required on cars after drivers are convicted on drunk driving charges.  Several companies rent the units to drivers for fees ranging from $50 to $100 a month.

Pinkin says the intent of her bill is to prevent intoxicated drivers from using autonomous motor vehicles to evade state statutes prohibiting drunk driving.

The bill is being reviewed by legislative lawyers and was referred to the Law and Public Safety Committee.  If enacted, the measure would take effect immediately.