NJ high school to test students for alcohol

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Chatham High School in Jersey sent a letter to parents saying that after a "number of incidents" involving students and alcohol, a breathalyzer will be used to randomly test students at school events. Principal Darren Groh has had enough. He said that too many students have showed up to sporting and other events under the influence of alcohol.

School officials will start using the device to detect the presence of alcohol. Two adults will be presents when testing students at random.

A positive test results in a phone call to the parents. Then a second test will be done by a medical professional. If that follow-up test is also positive, the student will be promptly suspended.

School Superintendent Michael LaSusa said he supports the move, which is an extension of an existing policy.

Principal Groh said his action is in line with his primary responsibility...protecting his kids.

Some parents supported the move, others did not.