NJ facility keeps football players sharp in the off-season

Just days after the Super Bowl, you can several football players going 120-percent in a football-specific, off-season regimen at Test Football Academy in Martinsville, New Jersey.

Behind the scenes are some players from the NFL, CFL, and Arena Football League. Some college players training for the NFL Combine on February 27 are also here.

The academy's Geir Gudmundsen says the staff takes what they do very seriously because they are there to help players who have a lot on the line.

Former Giants offensive lineman and Super Bowl champion Rich Seubert works with the offensive lineman as a test coach. Former Jet Jamaal Westerman, who now plays in the CFL, took me through a football-specific workout.

And the academy is for women, too. New Jersey state power lifter record holder Brianna Ziegler is training to try out for an arena football team.

Besides the sprint and weight workouts, technique training, blocking sessions, players have access to nutrition that specifically fits their goals.

But there is a secret to the success of an off season. Most players take three weeks off after their last game because healing and recovery are just as important as speed and gains.