NJ businesses trying to help their employees stay afloat during coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has threatened many small businesses across the nation, but some employers are going the extra mile to help out their employees.

Federico’s Pizza Express in Belmar, New Jersey took out a $50,000 line of credit to ensure all of their employees keep their jobs and keep getting paid.

“I made a commitment to everybody, no matter what happens you will be taken care of for at least two months,” said Bryan Morin, owner of Federico’s. 

And Morin says the community is taking care of them, as they have received donations from people across the nation and from as far away as Germany.

At the restaurant Fascino, in Montclair, a GoFundMe has been set up to help seventeen employees left without jobs by the statewide shutdown, with the aim of collecting $25,000.

“Everybody’s just trying to get some funding to their staff as fast as possible,” said Ryan Depersio, Chef and Co-owner of Fascino. “If we got to that goal, I’m going to be able to carry this staff for more than two weeks.”

With so many hard decisions facing business owners, eyes are turning to Congress and the unparalleled economic rescue package currently being negotiated in the Senate. The package is intended to relieve an economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic and spiraling into a recession or possibly worse. 


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