Night of the driving dead? 1 in 4 Americans are ‘Zombie Drivers'

People often let their mind wander at work, or in the shower, but according to a new survey, many Americans are zoning out behind the wheel as well, turning into so-called 'zombie drivers.'

According to a survey by Root Insurance, 27 percent of Americans admitted to ‘zoning out’ while driving, with the average American saying their mind wanders behind the wheel at least 4 times a week.

Almost half of respondents said that zombie driving happened when they had a lot on their minds, while 42 percent said it happened when they were tired, 40 percent said it happened on familiar roads, 34 percent said it occurred due to driving same route every day, while 27 percent said it was due to simply monotony.

In the survey drivers also admitted t several other bad habits, including texting, changing music and eating while driving.