Newlyweds pose for photo in front of SF City Hall with N95 masks

Call it a sign of the times, but when two newlyweds, John Nowicki and Cait Wilson took their wedding-day photos in San Francisco, the smoky air didn't exactly cooperate with with some of the iconic views.

In fact, they posed in front of City Hall wearing N95 filter masks they had bought for out-of-town guests so they'd be comfortable. 

"We were hoping to get some scenic views, which aren't turning out the best," Wilson said. 

And that's kind of how life has been for those in the Bay Area, choking on "unhealthy air" since the deadly Camp Fire began in Butte County more than a week ago. 

On Friday Mayor London Breed advised residents to stay indoors over the weekend as conditions were expected to persist. 

San Francisco Muni offered free rides to cut down on fumes and so people could avoid being outside as much as possible. 

The bad air even put a damper on the annual Embarcadero holiday building lighting ceremony. Fireworks and the Disney ice skating events were canceled and a family carnival was moved inside due to the smoke. The light switch still got flipped, but to much less fanfare and was less visible through the haze. 

In Union Square, the conditions forced some changes at another San Francisco holiday tradition. The Macy's Holiday Window Display, held for the last 32 years, was very much abbreviated. The department store partners with the San Francisco SPCA to showcase adorable and adoptable cats and dogs. 

SF SPCA is also helping animals affected by the fire. This week their facility accepted 29 cats and dogs injured from the fire and are treating them. Many have singed whiskers and paws. 

As masks go mainstream, many of the city's vendors are also feeling the affects from little foot traffic at the foot of Market Street. 

"Typically we'd have 20-30 customers in an hour. Today maybe only two or three, so it's been really slow," said Jacob Borsting from Over the Moon Ice Cream Shop. 

Jewelry maker Linda LaTouche of San Pablo worries about going broke. 

"The sales have definitely been down. Probably about a good 75 percent and there aren't as many people out. There aren't as many artists out," she said. 

With the smoke and few sales, many vendors stayed home. 

Tourists are finding attractions, such as the famous cable cars, closed due to smoke. 

Jose Torres and Sandra Esquivel did come to town, hopeful the Embarcadero Holiday Lighting Ceremony would bring their small vending cart some much-needed business. 

"It's been really bad. Not a lot of people walking around," said Torres, an Oakland resident. 

Despite the polluted air, the newlyweds seemed to take it in stride, making their wedding day all the more memorable with pics to prove it.