Newlywed disappears without a trace, last seen at Minneapolis bar

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20-year-old Segundo Lema was last seen in April.

The last anyone heard from 20-year-old Segundo Lema was two months ago. The young newlywed and father has yet to place a phone call and hasn't showed up to work, which has rattled the family still waiting for his return.

“He just disappeared," Segundo’s brother Luis Lema said Sunday. "I don’t know why or how this happened."

Segundo’s last known whereabouts led police back to the early morning of April 8 at Lyon’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis.

“The last I heard from him he was at the bar that night, that’s all I know,” Lema said. Segundo had gathered there with five friends who ultimately left him alone at the bar to retreat to their homes.

“He doesn’t have problems with anyone, he doesn’t use drugs, nothing,” Luis said. “He’s never fought with nobody."

Segundo is a newlywed and father to a six-month-old boy named Jaden. Friends believe Segundo left the pub on foot to catch the 10 bus home to Columbia Heights.

Segundo does not have a criminal history nor does he have any known legal issues.

In late April Columbia Heights police shared surveillance photos of Segundo boarding the bus to work during the hours leading up to his time at Lyon’s Pub.

“I’m waiting for any answer, anything, any phone call,” Luis said.

The only trace Segundo left behind was the very thing needed to reach him–his cellphone. Out of his nature, Segundo left it at the bar the morning he went missing.

“One of his relatives said he eats with one hand and is playing with his phone in the other ... His cell phone was found in the bar without him and without any information about where he might be, he’s not turned up and he’s not contacted anybody--there's just still a lot of questions,” Alison Feigh, a program manager at the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, said. The JWRC receives approximately 30 missing adult cases every year.

Segundo also goes by “Wilson Lema” or “Wilson Sumba.” He’s 5’4, 160 lbs and was last wearing a grey zip up Aeropostale hooded sweatshirt with the number “87” embroidered on it, with blue jeans and all white Chuck Taylor shoes. Segundo also wore a grey Hurley brand back pack.

“Yes, he’s 20, but he’s still their family member and they’re still very worried about him--and for good reason,” Feigh said. “He was connected to his new wife, and the new life and his new child and making plans so the fact that he’s just suddenly gone with no word and leaving his cellphone at the bar, that’s all very concerning.”

With so many questions Feigh and the Lema family urge anyone with even the slightest bit of information to help unveil the answers they seek; answers that may lead them to Segundo.

“I just need the help, to tell to my family what happened,” Luis said.

Investigators now seek the BCA’s assistance to unlock Segundo’s cellphone to see if that helps lead to answers about what may have happened to the young man.

If you have any information contact Columbia Heights Police at 763-706-8100.