New York's Poem Guy may make you laugh or cry

Bill Keys is a quick study. With more than 6,000 poems under his belt, he meets you, chats with you and in less than 10 minutes you've got a poem about anyone or anything.

He calls himself "The Poem Guy," and on any given day you may find him on the High Line, in the subway, or where I met him, in the park. His art is "poeming," a verb for composing poems upon request, live and on-the-spot. He has been doing it for years, after discovering he loved poetry, at a party.

He decided to take his talent to the streets after a little nudge from his friends. So far, he has traveled to Texas, Colorado, Hawaii and more. And as you can imagine, he has made a lot of people cry.

It's hard not to notice The Poem Guy. He just stands out, and most everyone agrees public poetry is pretty unique.

When Keys said he wanted to write a poem for me, of course I agreed without hesitation. And then he was off. Bill Keys, making magic with his keys, "poeming" in the park.