New York still rebuilding from Superstorm Sandy

Jamel Dickerson thought life in the Rockaways would never get back to normal especially after his home was flooded from Superstorm Sandy in 2012. But now more than 4 years later, Jamel has rebuilt his life.

He is part of the city's Build It Back program, which aims to rebuild and repair Sandy-affected homes in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. Another part of the program focuses on training and finding employment for people living in those impacted areas. Jamel is one of the lucky trainees.

Thanks to Build It Back, this handy construction worker landed a steady gig rebuilding homes all over his neighborhood. Some days he can even walk to work.

Just since October, Build It Back has completed about 840 homes. While thousands more need repairs or need to be completed, the city says it is working at a very steady pace. In fact the program is completing about 75 homes a week. The city also says about 20 percent of the construction workers on those projects are people like Jamel, who come from Sandy-impacted areas.