New York, get ready for the weird 332 area code

New York City, specifically Manhattan, is getting yet another area code. The 332 area code will join a crowded field that already features the 646, the 917, and the classic granddaddy of all area codes, the much-coveted 212.

The good news is you won't have to change your number because as with previous additions this one is an overlay. That means the new area code will be assigned to future numbers in Manhattan instead of changing a set of existing numbers.

The overlay begins June 10, 2017, when new phone lines or services could be assigned numbers with a 332 area code.

The addition of new area codes for many younger New Yorkers and transplants is NBD.

But for older locals who still remember a city served by 212 and only 212 (one of the original 86 area codes in North America), the advent of 718, 347, 646, 929, and now 332 may seem sad, bizarre, and lame -- and has been lampooned in popular culture, perhaps most notably in Seinfeld.

So if you happen to have a 212 number, never let it go.