New York City in state of heightened security

New York City remains in a state of heightened security especially at high risk targets like the French Consulate. Extra police units have also been sent to crowded areas of the city such as Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.

However, Police Commissioner Bratton says security at soft targets such as restaurants and entertainment venues will have to rely very heavily on public awareness.

Bratton deployed new NYPD counter-terrorism officers at a ceremony on Monday afternoon.

Earlier in the day Bratton told MSNBC that the NYPD is constantly working to thwart attacks in a city that remains among the world's top terror targets.

Bratton says the Paris attackers' use of suicide vests is of particular concern, and officers are trying to learn more about the capability and types of arms used in the vests. He says an NYPD team will head to Paris this week to bring back lessons that investigators can use in New York. 

Meantime, Albertine, the only bookshop in the city devoted solely to books in French and English will reopen for business Monday.

The Upper East Side shop closed for the weekend following Friday’s attacks.


With the Associated Press