New witnesses come forward in case against Rex Heuermann serial killer case

Four witnesses came forward, and two of them provided sworn statements. The accounts offer new information into suspected serial killer Rex Heuermann’s life.

"This is something that’s very important to me," said Rodney Harrison who is the Suffolk County Police Commissioner. 

John Ray the attorney for some of the victims in the notorious case stood beside Suffolk‘s police commissioner Rodney Harrison. Ray read accounts from women who decided to speak out after they recognized Heuermann in handcuffs.

One account alleges his then wife Asa Ellerup posted their contact information to engage in swinger sex back in 1996.


Gilgo Beach murders: Timeline of events

The search for the Gilgo Beach killer was sparked in 2010 while police investigating the disappearance of Shannan Gilbert.

"He was a serial user of sex workers, sometimes two at a time, Ray said. "His wife was home and in one instance the wife got angry because she believed the worker stole an iron."

That same witness recognized Karen Vergata’s picture. Vergata was sex worker and the first known victim. The witness says she brought her to Heuermann’s home.

Ray also spoke to a taxi driver who claims she saw Shannan Gilbert with Heuermann in a motel in 2009.

"The driver knows her well and knows she has a droopy eye," Ray said. "It helps her to remember Shannan later on."

Ray says the witnesses came forward to help advance the case. He says his phone lines are open for anyone who wants to come forward who doesn’t want to go to police.

The district attorney’s office says the case will be investigated through the grand jury process adding private attorneys aren’t part of the Gilgo Beach Task Force.

Heuermann is due back in court on November 15. 

Fox 5 reached out to his attorney who has no comment.