New video sheds light on cops' baton use

New video shows the lead- up to a baton fight between two NYPD police officers and two men in Washington Heights.

Security video obtained by the NY Post shows one of the men - Aaron Grissom, 36, struggling with the officers in a cross-walk. Later, Sydney Williams, 37, moves in.

The altercation was briefly out of camera range and then the men were seen again with the cops.

Grissom is seen shoving one of the officers and they both respond with raising their batons and striking the suspect.

Charges were filed against Grissom.

Williams was not charged due to lack of probable cause, said police.

The police officers' union  said Williams was on video bragging about suing the NYPD just before the sidewalk incident.

The officers were in the area responding to complaints about men smoking and blocking a stairway at the 168th Street station.