New procedure for mapping potentially dangerous skin moles

New mole mapping technology is assisting doctors in seeing and assessing every blemish on the skin.

A new mole-mapping machine is also helping detect skin cancer.

Dr. Rita Linkner, a board-certified dermatologist- is pioneering the use of the machine at Spring Street Dermatology.

"A couple of statistics go into the system based on your height, " said Dr. Linkner. "A camera goes up and down and takes 18 photos of your naked body so it can map out all of the moles in your body."

She recommends a yearly head-to-toe body screening for skin cancer.

The cost of a procedure utilizing the mole-mapping machine is $350. Some insurance providers cover the cost.

"With time you can monitor (the moles) for changes. It takes less than five minutes to do," said Dr. Linkner.