New photo of O.J. Simpson released by prison

Nevada corrections officials released a new photo of inmate and former NFL star O.J. Simpson.

In the mug shot made public Monday, Simpson, 68, is smiling and wearing a green shirt presumably part of his prison uniform in front of a red background.

The one-time running back is serving a sentence of nine to 33 years for a 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. He is eligible for parole next year.

The photo is the first released of Simpson since 2013. Prisons routinely update inmates' mug shots.

The one-time football great has been back in the headlines in recent weeks following the success of the FX series, 'The People vs O.J. Simpson.'

The drama told the story of Simpson's 1994 exoneration in the double murder of ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and friend, Ron Goldman, in the "trial of the century."

He was later found guilty in the civil case and ordered to pay $33.5 million in punitive and compensatory damages

The FX series focused on the attorneys representing Simpson including Johnny Cochrane, Robert Shapiro and family friend Robert Kardashian along with the prosecution team of Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden.