New online class based on the movie 'Get Out'

An online course about Get Out? Get Out of here!

UCLA is offering a course on black horror films like ‘Get Out’ and you don’t have to be a UCLA student to join. According to Mashable:

“Author and UCLA teacher Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes will be allowing non-students to tune into “The Sunken Place” lectures (which are not affiliated with UCLA but are taught by the same instructors). The course tackles ‘racism, survival and black horror’ and at the price of $348.00, you can access the lectures on your own time. In her tweet, Due also insinuated that Peele might pop up at some point, asking students to send in questions for the director.”

Tananarive Due tweeted about the course’s expansion saying “Not a UCLA student? Take my non-credit, online #blackhorror webinar The Sunken Place w/@StevenBarnes1. Six lectures live or on your own schedule starting 1/13. Send your questions for @JordanPeele!”

Time to Get Out and sign up!