New Jersey's ‘red flag' law goes into effect Sept. 1

Beginning Sunday, September 1, the Extreme Risk Protective Order Act of 2018, New Jersey’s own so-called ‘red flag law’ will go into effect.

The legislation allows family members or those living I the same household to keep guns away from someone who puts their own lives or the lives of others at risk.

“This is really just a common sense gun measure to help family and friends protect their loved ones and help protect other people,” said Brett Sabo of Moms Demand Action NJ.

However, pro-gun advocates say that the law is sending the Garden State and the nation back hundreds of years, along with threatening multiple amendments.

“This is horrible,” said Anthony Colandro of “In the past you got to face your accuser, in the past you’re charged with something and a determination was made. Now they come and take your guns.”

New Jersey isn’t the first state to pass such a law, 17 other states across the nation have enacted a form of a red flag law.