New Goethals Bridge makes its debut

The new Goethals Bridge makes its debut.

It’s the second major bridge to open in just a few weeks.

Construction finished up at a time when the tristate is concerned about its crumbling infrastructure.

The original Goethals Bridge was built just after World War I, the late 1920's, and it cost about 7.2 million dollar

89 years later, the bridge was way over capacity. The Port Authority is ready to open its replacement, which cost over $1 billion dollars to build.

The first of what will be millions of vehicles made the trip on the new bridge from New Jersey to Staten Island.

The modern structure will be much more spacious. It features three 12-foot lanes, which is almost double the room of the old traverse.

One of the spans opened during the weekend, and program director James Blackmore said drivers will notice a difference.

It's the Port Authority’s first new bridge since 1931, with a price tag of over 1.5 billion dollars.

General Manager Roger Prince expects the new bridge will last another century, providing immediate relief.

“Especially with traffic, this will be a big improvement,” said Prince.

The second span should open sometime in 2018.