New campaign encourages kids to stick with sports

Kobe Bryant is one of a number of notable athletes taking part in a new campaign to encourage kids to keep playing sports. 

According to a survey conducted by Utah State University for the Aspen Institute, the average child plays sports for 3 years and quits by the age of 11. 

“What’s more upsetting is what if they leave, and they take a bad experience with them?” said Dr. Jonathan Fader, PhD, a clinical ad performance psychologist. “Sports are about collaboration, sports are about self-esteem building and skill building and you can’t do that in a really negative environment.”

According to the parents surveyed for the study, coaches are the main reason kids experience extra stress and pressure, which can cause kids to quit playing sports altogether. 

“Many coaches make that error of telling kids what they aren’t doing well, rather than ‘Hey, this is what I’d like to see you do and let’s do more of that,’” Dr. Fader said.

There is also the issue of cost. Organized sports is becoming incredibly expensive. According to the study, parents are spending an average of $200 a year on travel, which is over $50 more than they spend on the equipment children use.