Nationwide rallies urge Trump to release tax returns

Protesters made sure their voices were heard during Saturday’s tax rally.

There's an old cliché: There's no guarantee's except death and taxes. The American people have been guaranteed to see the president's taxes since the early 1970's, except one glaring example: President Donald Trump. People in New York and at rallies across the country said that is not right.

Releasing the president's tax returns was the focus of a nationwide demonstration.

People gathering by the thousands in Midtown where they said there was not one single reason the Commander-in-Chief shouldn’t release them.

On the campaign, President Trump said he couldn't release the returns because he was under audit.

"I will release them when the audit is done. No one would release them while the audit is going on,” he said.

Once in office, his Aides said the American public had lost interest.

With dozens of rallies drawing thousands of people, it was a clear indication that's not true.

With Congress potentially set to debate tax reform, NY Representative Hakeem Jefferies said a full review of the president’s finances is only fair.

"Donald Trump is a living, breathing conflict of interest. The American people deserve to know what he is hiding,” he said.

New York is also one of 26 states with pending legislation requiring presidential candidates to publicly disclose their tax returns to get on the ballot.