National Zoo’s giant panda cub marks one month since birth with 1st veterinary exam

They grow up so fast! The National Zoo's newest panda cub is already over a month old!

Zoo officials say Mei Xiang's newborn looks to be healthy and is getting bigger and bigger every day. They also say the baby is growing into the pandas' signature ‘plump' and is starting to regulate its own body temperature.

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Giant panda Mei Xiang cradles her cub Sept. 13, 2020. (National Zoo)

Mei Xiang spent most of the cub's first month feeding it, holding it and keeping it warm. Now, she's leaving the den more and getting her appetite back.

Zoo officials also shared a video of the newborn's first veterinary exam today on Instagram. Watch below! 

On Saturday, zoo officials say the veterinary team took the opportunity to examine the newborn when Mei Xiang put the cub on the floor and stepped into an adjacent enclosure. 

"The cub weighed 952 grams, or just over two pounds. From nose to tail tip, the cub measured 34 centimeters, or 13.4 inches (its tail accounts for two of those inches)," according to the Zoo's website. 

The team was also able to swab the cub's cheeks for DNA and will give an update on whether it's a boy or a girl in the coming weeks!


The giant panda cub rests on the floor of its den Sept. 17, 2020. (National Zoo)

Follow mom and newborn or the Zoo's Panda Cam!