'Nat Turner in Jerusalem' Off-Broadway

In the summer of 1831, a slave by the name of Nat Turner led one of the bloodiest uprisings in history. A new Off-Broadway play entitled "Nat Turner in Jerusalem" offers one interpretation of Turner's last night in jail.

Phillip James Brannon plays a chained Turner in the final hours before his execution.

Playwright Nathan Alan Davis drew from Turner's own words.

Rowan Vickers plays Thomas Gray, the white attorney who recorded Turner's confession.

"Nat Turner in Jerusalem" is directed by Megan Sandberg Zakian.

In just a few weeks, a movie about the life of Turner will hit theaters. "The Birth of a Nation" was written by and stars controversial actor Nate Parker as Nat Turner.

"Nat Turner in Jerusalem" offers New Yorkers another lens through which to view Turner's story.