Nassau patrol cops trained to use semi-auto rifle

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Nassau County Police Department patrol officers are undergoing intense training to help combat terrorism and active shooter attacks.

Patrol officers are usually the first cops on the scene. Now, instead of waiting for SWAT teams to arrive, they will have fire power to protect themselves and the public.

Patrol officers are being trained to use a military-grade weapon. It is a semi-automatic rifle that can fire 30 rounds per magazine.

Nassau County started training its specialized units last year. Patrol officers are receiving the same training. Some will have the weapons in their patrol cars.

The training also includes classroom instruction. Nassau police believe that arming its officers with the military-grade weapon is the responsible action to take in the wake of terrorist attacks around the country and world.

This isn't a one-time training session. Nassau County police said the officers will have to attend training classes several times every year to maintain their proficiency with the weapon.