Nassau cop's relatives adopt abandoned dog

A couple of weeks ago someone abandoned Brooklyn the dog in an apartment near Seaford, Long Island. Officer John Saleh received a call from the building's landlord, who cared for Brooklyn after finding him alone in the downstairs apartment.

"When I met the dog, he was a little scared, but quite friendly," Saleh said. "He hopped right in the car like he was ready to go on a trip." He then drove the dog to a shelter.

This cop had no connection to the canine beyond chauffeuring him to some caretakers while on duty. He returned several times to visit and play with Brooklyn.

"You kind of feel bad. It come out of a bad situation," he said.

Saleh already owns a dog but told his family about adopting another.

"My brother-in-law said: 'Hey, if you love that dog this much, we might adopt it,'" Saleh said.

Saleh's brother-in-law Brian Upton drove his family of six from the Albany area to meet Brooklyn. And then after conferencing, drove them back on Monday to bring Brooklyn home.

"Yes, this does complete the family," Upton said. "We got a new house... The kids, the dog, people playing around. Should be good."

"The plus is that I get to visit it now as well, along with my nieces and nephews," Saleh said.