Mystery: Ice falls through Georgia home

A Grayson family said it’s a wonder no one was hurt or worse when a big piece of ice fell from the sky Tuesday morning.

The big chunk of frozen water fell around 7:45 a.m., leaving a big hole in the roof of the Grayson home of the Whitaker family.

“What did you think? What, what, what is going on here,” said Jamey Whitaker.

Whitaker said upon further inspection of the hole in the garage roof, of the scattered pieces of ice mixed in with debris and of the constant flow of commercial jet liners on a flight path to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, he figured it had something to do with a plane flying overhead.

“I can’t see anywhere else it would have come from,” said Whitaker.

A representative with the Federal Aviation Administration told FOX 5 News the ice could be what is known as “blue ice,” which occurs when liquid leaks from a commercial aircraft lavatory waste system and freezes to the plane.

VIDEO REPORT: Ice damages roof

When the jet reaches lower altitudes and warmer temperatures the ice can detach and fall to the ground.

“You can see there was a lot of debris that exploded and went everywhere,” said Whitaker as he pointed to a baby stroller where debris had landed.

The falling ice gave the Whitakers pause for concern. The live next door to a school and have two youngsters children of their own.

“Just on the other side of the house, it would have hit one of the girl's rooms, so yeah very lucky,” said Coral Whitaker.

Jamey Whitaker retrieved a piece of the ice from a freezer in the garage.

He said he intends to file a report with the FAA to try to track down what fell from the sky.

“It’s the safety part of it, the house the cars all that stuff can be fixed. Just really don't want to see anybody get hurt,” said Whitaker.

The FAA representative told FOX 5 News one of their inspectors could possibly pinpoint what air carrier dropped the ice based on their records and time of the incident.

Jamey Whitaker said his home he just wants to know it won’t happen again.

“It’s the safety part of it, the house the cars all that stuff can be fixed. Just really don’t want to see anybody get hurt,” said Whitaker.