Murder of Chinx remains unsolved

Wednesday, March 9, 2016, marks 19 years since Christopher Wallace, known as hip hop superstar Notorious B.I.G., was murdered in Los Angeles. His case remains unsolved, just like the murder of Chinx in New York. Now his brave widow is vowing to keep up her fight for justice until his killer is caught.

Lionel "Chinx" Pickens, 31, was on the verge of mainstream success, working with hot artists like French Montana. But his dreams of stardom and financial security for his wife, Janelli, and their children were cut short on May 17, 2015. Police say a drive-by shooter sprayed his Porsche with gunfire, killing Chinx and wounding his passenger. I spoke with Janelli just days after her tragic loss.

As the memorial to the hugely popular rapper grew, so did the questions about why no one was arrested. Queens Boulevard, where it happened, is known for its surveillance cameras, but the spot appears to be a dead zone, says former Nypd homicide detective Derrick Parker, known as the "Hip Hop Cop."

Chinx's wounded passenger, Antar Aliazdi, known as "Yemen Cheese," told me previously in an exclusive interview that when the bullets started flying, Chinx tried to shield him.

Parker believes the NYPD can solve the Chinx murder case, as long as they understand the unique nature of hip hop and street culture.

Janelli is hoping to someday have closure, and get past the memory that still troubles her broken heart. She says detectives keep her updated. She appreciates the people who have come forward with tips.