MTA introduces pregnancy pins

The MTA is trying to make it easier for some straphangers to get a seat on a subway or bus.

The idea may have been inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge.

You've probably seen “baby on board” signs in car windows on city streets. The MTA launched a trial program using that concept to help expectant moms get a seat on the limited seating available on mass transit.

It's not easy being pregnant in a crowded city, especially after a long day on your feet when you just want to sit down on the ride home. After a successful run of the "baby on board" button campaign in London’s transit system, which was championed by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, it's coming to New York, which is about time, according to the founder of Mothers' Rights Group, Christine Serdjenian Yearwood.

The MTA’s buttons say "Baby on Board! Courtesy counts" and are part of its commitment to make the system more accessible. The idea is to encourage other riders to give up their seat without the pregnant woman having to ask, beg or negotiate for it herself.

"Norms take time to change, but hopefully we’ll soon see people adjusting to them. We’re glad that the MTA is taking a positive step,” said Yearwood.

There already is priority seating on some buses and trains for people with disabilities and pregnant women, but it often gets taken when it's crowded. The MTA has a second button that says "Please offer me a seat - Courtesy Counts" for people with disabilities or other physical challenges, but will other riders pay attention?

"I think that's great. I would love that," said one mother.

"I think it's fantastic,kind gesture," said another.

If you'd like to get one of these buttons, they're free and can be mailed to you if you fill out a form on the MTA’s website. This is a pilot program and will run through the Labor Day holiday.