MTA details fare hikes for Metro North, LIRR

It's not the news any commuter wants to hear.  

A $20 peak ticket to and from NYC on Metro-North Railroad or the LIRR could jump nearly 4.5% under a new proposal from the MTA.

"Where I work, business is quite slow, so my income is not where I want it to be. Increasing costs like these are not ideal," said a commuter.

The MTA says the hike is part of a package deal that would raise transit and railroad tickets 3% to 5%. It’s even higher for bridges and tunnels where drivers in one scenario without an EZ Pass could pay a 10% increase in tolls.


MTA proposes fare hike at finance committee hearing

The MTA unveiled its new fare hikes proposal which could go into effect as soon as Labor Day.

"It’s tough when you get the statement and you see the charges going through the RFK bridge or Throggs Neck," said a commuter. 

Most riders on Metro North and LIRR will see their monthly or weekly ticket increase by 4.3%, but the MTA says it will still cap the price on the most expensive 30-day tickets at $500.

With congestion pricing, the MTA anticipates more commuters wanting to take the train, but that won’t happen before next spring. 

Meanwhile, public hearings on these new fare rules will be held in June. 

The board will vote in July. 

Fare hikes will go into effect just in time for Labor Day.