Mother of five missing in Connecticut

A search continues for a missing mother of five from Connecticut that was believed to be the victim of a violent crime.

Jennifer Dulos has been missing for a week.  The 50-year-old New Canaan woman was last seen dropping her children off at school last Friday morning.

When she wasn't heard from for more than 10 hours, friends alerted police.  Her car was later found near a nearby park.

State, local and federal law enforcement officials have been searching for her.  Investigators reportedly found traces of blood and other evidence in her home.  It is not clear if the blood has been matched to Dulos.

Dulos's disappearance comes as she and her estranged husband have been embroiled in a nearly two-year-long custody battle for their three sons and two daughters.  All are under the age of 13.

2017 court documents show Jennifer Dulos stating:  "I am terrified for my family's safety, especially since discovering the gun, as my husband has a history of controlling, volatile and delusional behavior."

Her friends and family are not giving up hope for her safe return.

"Jennifer, we love you and we are doing everything we can to bring you home. Your kids miss you, we all miss you," family friend Carrie Luft said.