Mother of 4 murdered children to ex-husband: Burn in hell

"Burn in hell: -- the words from a woman to her ex-husband, convicted of murdering her four children.

Gregory Green learned Wednesday he will likely never again see freedom for his horrific crimes.

Crimes that also included torturing his ex-wife and forcing her to watch the murders of her oldest children.

"Of all the cases this court has seen the facts of this one are by far the worst," said Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Dana Hathaway. "Fathers are supposed to protect their children. Husbands are supposed to protect their wives."

At 50 years old, Green will be 97 years old when he is first eligible for parole for the brutal and calculated murders of his two step-children and his two daughters.

But first, he listened to a written statement prepared by Faith Green, his ex-wife and the mother of those four children.

"You are a con artist. You are a monster. You are a devil in disguise. You are now forever exposed," Faith said.

The crime happened in their Dearborn Heights home in September.

"Trying to split them up didn't work. They are together more than ever. Chaney and Cara are still watching over their little sisters Koi and Kaley forever," Faith said.

The youngest girls died after he placed them in a running car, rigging the exhaust system causing them to suffocate.

Green then turned his attention to the older two and his wife.

"My short-term memory is gone. My doctors say it's my brain protecting me from the memories of my children being shot in their heads right in front of me," she said.

The scar on her face is from a boxer cutter.
He listened without reaction and emotion then it was his turn.

"God knows the heart. He knows how regretful and sorry I am," he said.

The judge was unmoved by the attempt of an apology.

"I am convinced that you will be incarcerated for the remainder of your life," she said.

In the end, the judge followed guidelines, sentencing him to 45 years in jail.

She did this to spare Faith the horrors of having to relive the crime at trial.