Mother of 3 adopts friend's 6 kids after her death

A mom of three children now has six more children after making good on her friend's final wish.

Beth Laitkep, a mother of six young children, was fighting the fight of her life and was going to beat cancer. That was her plan. But it just wasn't in the stars.

But what was in her stars was finding a dear friend, Stephanie Baylous Culley, whom she knew since high school but had not seen in many years. They recently reconnected and a friendship picked up where it left off.

So, when she passed away in May, Ace, 2, Lily, 5, Dallas, 10, Jaxson, 11, Selena, 14, and Will, 15, ended up living with Culley, her husband Donnie, and their three kids.

Donnie is a construction worker who happened to have built their Alton, Virginia, home with enough bedrooms to fit everybody.

A judge ruled yesterday that the Culley family could have full custody of the children.  A GoFundMe page has raised more that $60,000 to help raise the children.